Apparel and consumer industries

Manufacturing packaging

With the enthusiasm to build a modern packaging factory of the company leaders, along with the vision to conquer the export packagingmarket, we have committed to providing our customers with high-quality packaging products with professional service. Currently, we provide some main products as follows:

- Clamshell packaging, plastic...

- Carton boxes with 3, 5,7 .. high-quality colorful offset printing layers, especially for large sized boxes, export packaging.

- Offset printing boxes, paper bags on these materials such as Ivory, Bristol, Couche, Duplex,..

- Paper racks displaying goods in supermarkets ...

- Cartonboard, and products from cartonboard paper.

- Printing Stamps, Labels, Catalogs, Decal ...

With the motto of sustainable development, export orientation, we are constantly improving, investing in modern equipment to fully meet the exact and timely needs of our customers. Besides, we are always dedicated to consulting customers to choose the appropriate packaging with reasonable prices.

Nowadays, with the enhancement of the advanced specialized machinery and skilled technical workers, we hope to provide valued companies with high-quality products, reasonable prices, good service and meet the requirements of quality standards and export progress.


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