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BUYALL Company was established and went into production in 2019 Offices and factories are located in the Mekong provinces of Vietnam, which are considered the center of shrimp farming. Because the location of both factories is not only located between shrimp farming areas but also convenient for transportation between roads and rivers, the collection and distribution of raw shrimp to BUYALL factories. is very convenient.

Along with a team of business staff, quality management staff, production staff, and experienced, skilled and in-depth knowledge of seafood, etc., BUYALL factory can produce produce up to 100 tons of raw shrimp per day. With such a large production capacity, we are confident of collecting raw shrimp and perform the fastest production for timely delivery of orders. Our goal is to bring the best quality, reasonable prices and food safety products to all over the world.

BUYALL products have been distributed to consumers in many countries around the world such as: European countries, Russia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia. , Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Egypt, South Africa, etc ...


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