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Buyall.vn is a System that helps customers place orders from factories in Vietnam. Owned by BUYALL COMPANY.

We are managing a list of the best factories in all sectors across Vietnam.So we are confident to help you order supply production for you. When you enter Vietnam to do business and cooperate with factories, you will ask many questions: Where is that factory?Is the product quality and price the best yet? Is the risk of ordering and payment of quality guaranteed?... There are many problems when you enter a new market... Instead of you have to take time to many factories to synthesize and get a lowest quote, we already have a system of factories and choose the manufacturer at the right price and quality for you.

We are here to help you. We create a network of factories linked together to create a supply chain throughout Vietnam.Our experts and engineers with regional cultural understanding and in-depth insights and expertise on market dynamics and supplier needs, the people, processes, tools, and experience will help your company save on sustainable procurement and build competitive value value in addressing all your cost reduction needs. Our goal is to ensure the profit growth of your organization.

Depending on your order needs:like monthly quantity, specific quality, target price..... Within 1-7 days, we will report specifically to you about the project situation.

Our working procedure:

1) Receive order requests.

2) Analysis based on specific customer requirements such as quantity, price ....Make a plan to work with the factories that fit the project.

3) Compose details on quotes.

4) Conducting sample production to send to customers.

5) Customer confirms the sample and go into production.

6) Control production process such as:material quality, production time, delivery time ...

7) Report the project progress by week to customers. Make plans to control progress and risks.

8) Aggregate and solve problems that arise before shipment.


* Mechanical and metallurgical industry:

  • Manufacture of CNC mechanical machines, Machine parts, Electronic components, Auto parts and aircraft ....
  • Casting, hot stamping, forging, laser cutting ....
  • CNC manufacturing and casting of 99.5% Alumina Ceramic

Aluminum, Copper Iron, Steel, Magnesium, Titanium ... products

* Apparel and consumer industries, packaging, handicrafts, Agriculture and Forestry Products, Food:

  • Manufacture of garments:Clothes, Masks, Shoes ...
  • Manufacturing household and industry plastic
  • Manufacturing packaging
  • Manufacturing agricultural and forestry products.
  • Manufacturing handicrafts
  • Manufacturing food:Rice, fruits
  • Manufacturing animal feed
  • Manufacturing furniture and wooden products.
  • Manufacturing porcelain and glass:Bowls, Plates, Bottles

If you cannot find the product you are looking for in our catalog, please send us your specific request via email. We will respond to you immediately and provide 24/7 project support and advice.

Buyall - System that helps customers place orders from factories in Vietnam.

OEM, Processing, Manufacturing according to individual standards of each customer.



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